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Our business started in 2009, servicing the Los Angeles area as a full-service photography team. We were photographing weddings, families, headshots, and sometimes pets for over a decade but as the years went on, the business evolved into specializing in headshot photography, and Nice Headshots was born! We learned along the way that headshots are not just mere photographs; they are a gateway to a person's personal brand, business success, and online presence. We discovered the one-on-one with clients was where we thrive and taking headshots that convey a person's personality, professionalism, and unique story brought us joy as photographers and on a personal level.


business owner + photographer

I was born, raised, and still reside in Southern California with David and our animals. When I'm editing photos, "BoJack Horseman" or some sort of crime documentary is playing in the background. I don't mess around when it comes to Halloween (ask me about my pregnant Beyoncé costume) and I love throwing a themed party (ask me about my "Friends" themed 30th birthday). Traveling and eating delicious food, along with David's mango margarita are a few of my favorite things.


assistant "to the" photographer

An Illinoisan turned Californian at age 13. I don't miss the winters but I do miss Johnnie's Beef. Along with Nice Headshots, I work in the digital marketing field. I have, what Alyssa calls, a "stressful" amount of browser tabs open while I'm working but there's a system in place, I promise. I will enthusiastically chat about the housing market, stocks, and/or Tesla because I've become "that guy" and I'm cool with that. Traveling and eating delicious food, along with Alyssa's brownie pie are a few of my favorite things.



I was born in 2020 which comes with all the personality quirks you would imagine being born at that time. I love treats and will shamelessly sniff your hands or bags to see if you have anything for me to eat but don't worry, I balance my food obsession with lots of cardio- I live for fetch. Meeting new people and sniffing new places is my jam. I've been to 34 states, D.C., and Canada and hope to sniff more!

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​*Photographs are used by Nice Headshots for personal and PR purposes not commercially although we reserve all Copyrights. We ask our clients to only use our images for personal and PR reasons but Commercial Licenses can be purchased